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"Spreading love, laughter, creativity and positive vibes by just being me." ~Lori The Artist.

Everyone who attends my paint parties, walks in as a student and walks out as a proud artist. That, for me, is the best feeling of all and it's the reason I love what I do.

Worried that you don't have the experience to create a beautiful painting like one of these? I dare to prove you wrong! Come out to one of my paint parties and see for yourself.

Starting off with a visualization exercise/meditation which leads into a step-by-step instruction of how to paint your very own masterpiece.

The steps are broken down into easy manageable layers while also teaching various painting techniques that will give your painting that realistic effect.

Below you'll find some of my paintings that I created and teach at my paint parties.

To check out some of my students' beautiful paintings from previous paint parties CLICK HERE.

Got a question? Email me at theartsyclub1@gmail.com


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