King of Wands

Daily Inspiration for Tuesday, November 26

Keywords: Leader, visionary, respected, fearless, entrepreneur, honorable

The King of Wands sits on a throne decorated with lions and salamanders, symbolizing fire and strength. The salamanders are biting their own tails which represents infinity and the drive to move forward against all odds and anticipated obstacles. His cape is also decorated with the same lions and salamanders and he holds a wand that has leaves blossoming out of it, a symbol of life, creativity and new ideas coming to light that have to do with following one's passion.

Since the King of Wands is a court card, he can represents a person, situation or energy. If it's a person, it could be you or someone around you who has the characteristics of this King. If it represents a situation then it is one where perhaps you need to encompass the characteristics and energy of the king of wands.

At this stage, the King of Wands isn't so much interested in coming up with ideas. He is more interested in implementing them by enlisting the help of others to see his plans and visions through. He is a great leader and delegator and people are automatically drawn to this king and follow his orders because of his charismatic nature.

The King of Wands advises you to lead your life with intent, vision and the courage to see things to an agreeable solution for everybody. If you have a great idea, then stop at nothing to see it through. Be clear about your future direction and make a plan of action to see it through.

There may be an opportunity presenting itself to you and this King advises you to focus, communicate with your vision, see the bigger picture and make plans for the long-term. In other words, go for it and full steam ahead. You have the resources, the strength and the support from the people around you to make your plans a success.

On the other hand, if you do not fully commit to it, this potential will seize to grow and blossom. The power is yours!